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Lifetime Membership

SSPI’s Lifetime Membership plan, created at the request of our members, ensures that you can now be a part of SSPI and the industry throughout your career and even your retirement. For a one-time payment of US$1,000, Lifetime Membership allows you to remain part of SSPI, the largest association for industry professionals in the world, and never pay dues again! No more invoices, only benefits.

In addition to all the usual benefits of membership, Lifetime Members are entitled to one “anywhere” invitation to any of SSPI’s events each year. These events include our Future Leaders Celebration in Silicon Valley, the Better Satellite World Awards Celebration in London and the Hall of Fame Celebration in Washington, DC.

Interested in becoming a Lifetime Member of SSPI? Check out the Professional Membership page and select “Lifetime Membership” when you choose to Join.


SSPI Lifetime Members

Ali Akhtar

20 Under 35 Member

Martin Gagnon

SSPI Canada Chapter


Volodymyr Levykin

SSPI-UK Personality of the Year

Vince Walisko

SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Ryan Anderson

SSPI Canada Chapter

Daniel Gizinski

SSPI Southeast Chapter


Maury Mechanick

SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Martin Coleman

SSPI UK Chapter

Edward D. Horowitz

SSPI Northeast Chapter

Hall of Fame Member

Wendy Lewis Newman

SSPI Silicon Valley Chapter

Carol Craig

SSPI Southeast Chapter

Lon Levin

SSPI Northeast Chapter


Patrick H. Rayermann

SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter